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Spinner offers private duck and pheasant hunting for owners and members.

In the 1930's the Island became one of the first Duck Clubs in the famous Suisun Marsh. There are over 150 Duck Clubs within a 20 mile radius and Spinner is located at the very end of the clubs in the far southeastern corner.

The property has a long history of excellent hunting for both ducks and pheasant. ¬ We are now fully planted with¬ Milo, Water Grass, and Piper Sudan - all plants that attract ducks with habitat and feed. We feature great fresh-water ponds with excellent water circulation via our brand-new levee gates. We have 6 tank blinds and 3 brand-new stand-up blinds with outstanding camoflage.

Spinner¬ Island¬ is the last club on the southeast corner of the Suisun Marsh - #940 on the SRCD Club Map. ¬ The island has not been hunted in 15 years, and we have spent the first few years of ownership rebuilding our habitat and ponds. We are one of the oldest duck clubs in the Suisun Marsh, and historically one of the best hunting properties due to our boundary location with lots of fresh water.

To explore many of the species that fly through Spinner Island, Check out DU's Waterfowl Guide