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Clay Shooting
The Club owns and operates 2 commercial-grade ProMatic Ranger launchers throw targets for entertainment between hunting seasons. We provide the clay, just show up and shoot!

The Ranger Sporter Series is ProMatic's most popular trap machine for large clubs and commercial grounds and it is easy to see why. Our Club requires maximum versatility and the ability to meet the hard working demands of regular use. The Ranger Sporter series provides everything we need and more.

Our Clay Launchers offer strong 300 foot performance, fast recocking, tilt/turn base for rollers and the facility to elevate back to 70 degrees ("teal") make this a great workhorse for club use and competition.

We set up our launchers in a variety of positions to ensure a challenge and avoid repetitive shooting. Over time, Spinner Island will be adding more machines to our inventory with the goal of developing 5-Stand or Sporting Clays courses. We find that busting clay is not only a ton of fun, but also keeps us sharp for hunting season!

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