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Island Access
Spinner is accessible by land air or sea.

By Boat. Most take a boat from the town of Pittsburg, which is 50 minutes by car from San Francisco or Marin County and a 5-minute boat ride. Pittsburg Marina is a modern facility with free boat ramps, covered berths, fuel dock and new restaurant. The Marina is just a block away from quaint old town Pittsburg which offers New Mecca, Dad's BBQ, and La Verande restaurants.

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By Land. You can drive in through Suisun City on Grizzly Island Road during summer months. The 20-mile drive takes you through the worlds' largest protected duck and tule elk preserve in the USA. Typical travel times from Marin or San Francisco average 75-minutes.

By Air. A helipad is located 100 feet from the house and our large, long dock offers ample space to tie up a floatplane after landing on the wide, long, flat Montezuma Slough that borders the island.

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